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Maria da Costa's Ring Designs  

The spirit of design resides in lines, contours, shapes, proportions and distribution of volume.

Color is an interesting additional design dimension.

Design does not discriminate amongst materials unless the material's texture is an integral part of it, as in marble showing its veins etc.

Maria da Costa's designs are the pure harmony and balance of their lines, contours, shapes, proportions and distribution of volume, regardless of the metal they are produced in.

Accordingly, we proudly offer her designs in two types of metal, namely, Titanium and Zirconium-metal, and in two imposing colors: natural Titanium of classical metallic appearance (resembling Platinum when polished),  and dramatic black in our proprietary black Titanium and in the unique black Zirconium metal.

All yours to view, review and, when it comes to the ultimately chosen one (pun intended)--to be worn too.

 Titanium Ring - Glazed Safari  Titanium Ring - Glazed Safari Black Titanium Ring - Bloodstone Inlaid Circles
Black Titanium Ring - Mother of Pearl Inlaid Circles Black Titanium Ring - Black Titanium Ring -
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