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While we can source for our clients through our long standing relations with major importers a diamond of just about any style, size, quality and preferred grading-lab, our source of interest is the pro-actively ethical Igloo Diamond® brand of Canadian origin diamonds. Using the search engine below will, however, transfer you to their site. Do not forget to come back to us! !
Ethical Igloo Diamonds
Since Absolute Titanium Design is affiliated with some of the Web's leading on-line diamond dealers, our clients have a privileged access through us to a Real Time inventory of over 25,000 loose diamonds, all GIA, AGS, IGI and EGL graded, and outstanding values. Avoid purchasing in-house graded diamonds or diamonds "certified" by local laboratories, namely, any laboratory other than the above three leading US Gemological laboratories, no matter how "International", "Institutional" or "Gemological" etc. its name sounds.... This feature, which is missing in most on-line jewelry sites, enables you to source a diamond on-line for your solitaire Titanium ring and Titanium tension-settings. All diamond-trade specific terms in Igloo's Diamond Search Engine are also links to their definition and brief explanation.
Igloo Diamond Shapes

For diamond information you may visit the diamond tutorial of Igloo Diamonds.

All prices and availabilities are subject to change without notice All prices are USD (US Dollar) denominated

Remember: All prices are US Dollar denominated and payable--the currency of international diamond trade. Select this link for an approximate CAD (Canadian Dollar), or any other currency equivalence. Rates produced by this tool are without prejudice or any liability to Igloo Diamonds™ and/or Van-Daaz®. Actual rate is determined by rate on actual payment day, and will be at four units above the second decimal, to hedge against possible imminent currency fluctuation. For example, a converted rate of, e.g., 1USD=1.5432CAD will command actual payment at 1USD=1.5832CAD etc.

Hot tip: To increase the flexibility of your choice and to be able to discover unexpected values--define a slightly wider range of parameters than you first intended: one more grade of color or clarity, above or below your original preference, a few points larger or smaller weight range (we recommend +/- 0.09 Crt.)... After all-- you may miss a great diamond a sheere 2 Carat-points smaller, or, one that happened to be one color grade lower yet with one clarity grade higher etc.... Enjoy your exploration!

All diamonds are shipped "Next Day Air" by Fed-Ex, fully insured, accompanied by the original GIA or AGS grading report (unless you choose a diamond with another grading laboratory report); All diamonds carry Van-Daaz's special No Hassle 7-Day Money Back Guarantee subject to special conditions (e.g., may not apply after the setting of the diamond--please inquire!).

(If you are perplexed by some of the symbols in the yielded results produced by our "Diamond Explorer"--an alphabetic 'key-to-symbols' for the abbreviations used, may be found below the retrieved results)

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