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"The Tension is Mounting®!"
A conjurer's act of magic... a mysterious show of unsupported levitation... the technique of true tension-setting fixes a set gemstone as if in mid-air, almost unsupported... Achieved solely by harnessing the strength and metallurgical springiness of the advanced metal, its immense tensile strength (well over 100 psi), unique ductility & elasticity... The gemstone almost entirely exposed, showcased from all directions... Mighty, tested prior to shipment & safer than prong or bezel setting when properly & masterfully affected by our experienced crafts persons: never bending nor having broken or entangled & detached metal parts...

Tension Settings are feasible only in metals of the proper range of tensile strength and elasticity. Those properties are rarely achieved in precious metals with very few exceptions. Absolute Design Studios creates tension settings only in the appropriate strength metal. You may now select amongst a tension setting in the proper conventional titanium Ggrades, tension settings in our proprietary black titanium, or tension settings in our unique black zirconium metal tension settings. All wholly produced in North America, many--are proprietary designs.
Black titanium wedding bands, Black Zirconium engagement rings by Absolute Titanium Design
Black Titanium
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Enter "The Black Zone" ATD's new secret metals!

Absolute Titanium Design is one of the world's two only manufacturers of Black Titanium, and the world's only Design House offering an original array of Tension settings in Black Titanium complimented by customized designs services in this metal.
Custom Designed Ring
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Custom design rings

Being design driven and having all the manufacturing facilities in North America we do welcome Custom design requests. As designers, our team will be happy to and capable of working with you in creating a design especially for you or having your Custom Design ring of your fancy become a reality. Write to us about your desired Custom design Ring
Laboratory Grown Diamonds
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New! Laboratory Created Real Diamonds Now Available!
Value, ethics & beauty combined...

The resulting cut & polished diamond offers the same brilliance, dispersion and scintillation as any other true diamond, which could only be as true a diamond as they themselves actually are. The same fire, liveliness and, simply said--beauty.
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