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Lab Grown Yellow Diamond Rings

We are proud to present our line of lab grown yellow diamond jewelry, all 100% pure, authentic diamonds and of clean, conflict free origin. Our tension set rings, set with  lab grown  yellow diamond, are the ultimate engagement rings, if not the "jewels in the crown" of the jewelry art, no pun intended--a yellow diamond jewel for that matter... Our collection includes a vast array of laboratory grown yellow diamond solitaire ring styles, tension set princess cut yellow diamond wedding bands, cushion cut yellow diamonds or the ever popular round cut lab grown diamonds, mostly are vivid fancy yellow diamonds. We do take custom-orders for yellow lab grown diamonds at prices that is well below that of their natural yellow diamond equivalents.

Our stunning lab grown yellow diamond rings are set with 100% real diamonds, albeit laboratory created yellow diamonds (aka lab created yellow diamonds). Those are real yellow diamonds, having the same optical, physical and, of course, chemical makeup and properties. Being true diamonds, they are all of an identical hardness of 10 (the hardest matter in nature), and dispersion, refractive factors as well as density etc. The same fire, liveliness and, simply said--beauty. All identical to those of naturally created diamonds.

The resulting cut & polished diamond offers the same brilliance, dispersion and scintillation as any other true diamond, as, in fact, they themselves actually are. 

Objectively graded  natural yellow diamonds, when of high saturation and intensity, such as our "Vivid Yellow" color denomination diamonds, will cost you several folds our price for them, spreading into well over $10,000/Carat. Our lab-grown Vivid Yellow Diamonds are 100% diamonds yet at a fraction of this price range.. Read more>>>

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Black Titanium Wedding Ring with a Princess Cut Lab Grown Yellow Diamond Titanium Wedding Ring With a Round Lab Grown Yellow Diamond Black Zirconium Wedding Ring With a Round Lab Grown Yellow Diamond
To be clear and exact, our Laboratory Grown Yellow Diamonds are not diamond imitations, diamond simulates, diamond coated cores of other gems nor are they, other synthetic or natural gemstone that offer some properties and advantages that are somewhat close to those of a real diamond. The likes of Moissanite, Cubic Zirconium, Spinel, Synthetic Rutile etc. etc.

Our Yellow Lab Grown Diamonds, are true, albeit  synthetic yellow diamonds, and as such come accompanied with a grading report issued by one of a number of leading, national scale, North American, gemological laboratory, the IGI, EGL or GIA, stating clearly that the yellow diamond is indeed an actual yellow diamond, albeit being a laboratory created Yellow  diamond, and fully laser inscribed in their girdle to the same effect (those laboratories do not grade any diamond imitation or simulates etc. only true diamonds that are lab-grown).

The lab grown yellow diamonds allow us to showcase an outstanding combination of metals, colors and diamonds: Black Titanium Tension Set Lab Grown Yellow Diamonds,  Laboratory grown yellow diamond princess cut Black Titanium wedding bands, Black Titanium lab Grown yellow diamond wedding bands and lab Grown yellow diamond engagement rings (lab grown yellow diamond solitaire rings). 
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