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Welcome to the Ti World! And thank you for choosing ATD!
We at ATD are proud to share significant moments in people's lives...engagements, weddings, birthdays, and even with those who simply want to pamper themselves!

We are also proud, not only of our unique designs and quality jewelry, but of the service we provide.

When ordering from Absolute Titanium you are ordering a high quality, unique item that is meticulously hand crafted, the pride of our designer, shop, craftsmen, and of your jewelry collection.

We also provide:
  • Classically modern styles
  • Exclusive styles from the ATD House of Design
  • Custom designs
  • Next day delivery
  • Personal inspection of each piece
  • And an unbeatable guarantee

And despite our guarantee, if customers are not fully satisfied, or a sizing error occurs, we offer solutions....guaranteed!

All ordered rings are made and sized to your exact specifications. This is our unconditional guarantee. Any error on our part will be exchanged or fixed by us at no charge to you.
Now that we've said our part, let some of our past clients say it...
Below you will find some testimonials from satisfied customers...

In their own words

Comments: Hi Guys! I just wanted to say thank you so very much. I received my ring this past Monday and it is exactly what I wanted! I can't believe it! We have searched everywhere to find this exact small band! I am so happy and so proud! We will be ordering more stuff from you guys in the future! The payment, shipping, and making of my ring have been a wonderful experience with you. Thank you very much again! Hope you have an amazing weekend!

Paige      20101118-9220


Comments: A great business that has delivered a piece of custom jewelry that couldn't be found ANYWHERE else! Check these people out.

Matt Majewski      20100810-0359


We received the rings at 6 pm. They are every bit as stunning as we had hoped. Thank you very much.

Jenieveve Fredette      20100806-0617


Recieved the shipment today and it is stunning!

Ronald Barba      20100709-0910


Thanks! Ring looks great, great, great!

Adam Sillery     20100711-1116


Hi Maria,
We got the ring today! And he really likes it. We had ordered and returned a tungsten ring before we found you guys. The tungsten was great but it was just too heavy.. But the titanium ring that we just got from you he says fits perfectly and it is very comfortable. I was suprised at how quickly it got here. you guys did a great job and I would recommend you to any one that asks.

Thank you!

Kimberly King     20100518-1145


Hi Maria,
We received the ring and it is beautiful! Thank you for all of your help! Eric is not home, I am sure thet he is definately gonna like it the momnet he will see it .

Thanks again,

Jill Shakowski     20100330-1543


Hello Maria
Want to let you know that my ring arrived on Saturday and it is beautiful. Thanks so much to all involved in the effort.


Alan     20100323-1615


Hello Maria
I just recieved my beautiful ring, It's more beautiful then I imagined. Please thank everyone who worked on it. I'm very happy and it's a perfect fit.


Matthew Disabella     20100322-0755


Hi Maria
I just got back from holidays and wanted to say thank you for our beautiful titanium wedding rings. We absolutely love them and the engraving were done perfectly!

Many thanks,

Deborah Woskan     20100317-2217


We picked up the rings from FedEx this morning. They look awesome, and they fit great too. Excellent work, and thank you so much for your help and support on this order.

Thanks again,

Michael     20100311-8814


We received the ring yesterday and WE LOVE IT!!! It is exactly what my fiance wanted. Thank you for being so pleasant and easy to deal with.

Thanks again,

Lauren Stephens     20100303-0727


I received the ring in time and am very pleased with the way it looks. Your team did an outstanding job an my new fiance loves it.

Thank you again for making last weekend very special for me and my family.

Jason     20100121-0727


Our Rings have arrived today. At this point...We are very pleased and very happy. We want to thank you for meeting our expectations.

Thank you again.

Albert and Lisa     20100112-2259



Thank you for all of the help you provided me in regards to my order. I know my husband will be delighted to get it and I can't wait to see it!

Thanks again, your customer service is excellent!

Natalie      20090618-1607


we got the ring. its beautiful!!!!

thanks again!!!!

Latoya      20091205-2016


Hello Maria, I have the ring!!! Thank you for all your help and btw, the ring is beautiful!!!!

Thank you!

Bradford       20091113-0701


The ring is beautiful and exactly what I asked for. It also fits very well.

Thank you!

Sarah       20091101-0524


Ring arrived today! We are very pleased! Thank you so much for all your hard work! It's perfect!

Nathan       20091031-1424


I have received the ring, and have looked it over and am quite pleased with the way it turned out. Thank you so much for your patience and assistance in producing this ring; I am very grateful to both of you for working with me. I am sure that my girlfriend will be overjoyed with the final product.

Thanks again,

Trevor       20091029-1118


Absolute Titanium Designs did an AMAZING job on our project! We ordered two black zirconium wedding bands and a matching custom tension set diamond. The finished rings fit perfectly and were more beautiful than we ever expected them to be!!! The workmanship is excellent, and we are very pleased! I worked with Maria on this project, and she not only provided valuable design guidance but also responded very patiently to my endless questions. Also, our project was completed in only four weeks even though we requested a custom design and diamond. We look forward to working with Absolute Titanium Design in the future and highly recommend them.

Thanks very much!!!

Joann.      20091029-0749


I recieved my ring this morning and it is perfect! Thank you so much for being promt in a time crunch. I look forward to wearing this ring at my wedding.

Thank you again!

Alissa      20091021-1421


WOW! Fast shipping! And a beautiful ring has arrived. Thank you very much!!!

Melissa      20091006-0818


The eternity combination band that my fiancé has is gorgeous. The amount of detailed work to create it meant that we had to order well in advance of when we needed the ring so be sure to plan ahead. These rings are made, not picked off a shelf like you might at a jewelry store. It was an excellent experience to work with Absolute Titanium Design to create rings that were perfectly suited for us.

E.F.      20091005-1042


Hello Maria,

we picked up the rings from FedEx and they are absolutely gorgeous. My fiancée loves her ring, she can't get over how beautiful it is. We're so excited and glad to have them. I'm looking for an appraiser now so I can get her wonderful ring insured.

I just wanted to thank you so much, we're so in love with the rings!

Edward...     20091003-0247


Despite having a very very tight deadline, Maria from Absolute Titanium went out of her way to ensure that we received our ring on time. The service was great and the product beautiful. Very happy overall. Happily recommended.

Natasha...     20091002-1239



I just received my ring. It fits great and looks even better. Thank you very much.

Matt...     20090930-1114


Hi Maria:

The ring is quite beautiful and my wife loves it. I appreciate all of your time and effort. Thank you very much, this is a very special ring.

Conrad...     20090909-0322



Thanks! Yes! Just arrived now! What a relief, thank you for your patience with me. It is beautiful!

Julie...     20090908-0911


I first discovered ATD through a friend.  I purchased 2 custom engagment rings for my partner and I in 2006, He loved it so much, we went to the store to have our custom titanium diamond wedding bands made.  Exemplary service, courteous and friendly.  We could not be happier with the level of service we have recieved.  Maria and her team are absolutely fantastic.  I would reccomend anyone looking for something a little different to check out their website.  You will be amazed at the selection and the prices too.

Alan & Steven in Toronto...     20090818-1343


I have received my ring. It got here last week but I was out of town. thank you so much I love it. The ring is better then I ever thought it would be.

thank you again.

Vickie G        20090811-0548


Purchasing from Absolute titanium was very easy they had so many options! When I received the ring it was better then I imagined. Very nice work, it was beautiful and I know my fiancé will love it!!!

Lorisa        20090804-0836


Beautiful ring and perfect fit! Wonderful experience with this company.

Holly D.       20090804-0824


Thank you very much, the ring is beautiful!

Lorisa R.      20090727-1624


I just received them!! They are breathtakingly beautiful and exactly like I dreamed they would look like!!

Molly R.       20090615-0944


I have bought two black titanium rings via this site, and both times were extremely pleasant. Maria, one of the designers, especially impressed me by sending confirmation and personal emails, making sure I had ordered the correct sizing. Very satisfied, and will be coming back.

Sara 20090501-2026


Amazing quality and customer service. It felt great knowing that they actually cared about my particular order, and kept me up to date on the process. They make it a personal experience. I even received a very friendly and informative call from Maria at Absolute Titanium Design, who did not at all seem in a hurry. She wanted to know what it was I expected and desired for my fiance's ring. It was very important to me, and therefore very important to them. I appreciate that more than anything! I would absolutely recommend them to ANYONE.

Chelsea S.    11052009-2021

Maria at ATD was great to work with. Since I was buying a wedding band online I had some questions and concerns. Maria responded to my questions and with the recommendations of a two other friends that have used ATD I took the plunge. I'm very happy with my ring, Maria even made sure the ring got to me on time for my wedding. I had a very positive experience with Maria and ATD.

Dan G.   20090505-1536

110- Hi,
We have received the rings on Friday. They are everything we hope for.
Thanks so much.
Simon D.                     270409-0946

109- Hey...

sorry!!! I been so busy with the wedding plans, I completely forgot to email you guys about the ring.  It made it here safely the day after it was shipped as promised. 

It is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

It looks a million times better in person, and it fit her perfectly...she wears it well!!!

Again, thank you all for the production of this phenomenal ring!!!!!

Benjamin T.       240409-0122
108- Maria,
Thank you again. I received my ring this afternoon and it's beautiful and fits well. I'm very happy. I sincerely appreciate you keeping up with my order, that personal touch means quite a lot.
Best regards,

Sara K.- W.       040109-1500

107 - Hi Maria,
Here are 4 photos from our vows exchange last night. We want to say again, “Thank you again for your artistry, as well as your professional and prompt service!”  We exchanged our vows and rings last  night, and could not be happier J.
M. & G.      110309-1524
PS. As promised, here is a testimonial for you and your team:
Maria, our search for commitment bands that reflected our taste for contemporary, sophisticated elegance in a clean, understated design ended at your Absolute Titanium website.  Within a matter of minutes, we both found exactly what we had envisioned.  After speaking with you directly, we knew that not only were you a talented designer, but one who also cared enough about our specific wishes.

We appreciate your prompt and courteous service, as well as your patient guidance and meticulous attention to every detail from design and manufacturing to shipping.  The rings are absolutely stunning!  Thank you again to both you and your team!”  


 Melissa & Gerry        110309-1524

106- we received our rings. They are awesome, and we are very happy with them. we  just wanted to say thank you!

Wade S.        250209-0919
105 - thank you very much the shipment was receive on Monday.  We love the ring.  
 thank you for your service.

Dulce V.       240209-1036
104 - We received the rings! They are beautiful! Thanks so much!

Jacqui M.       110109-0622
103 - Dear Maria:
I received our ring today and it is perfect! Thank you so much for your  dedication to making unique and beautiful jewlery.
Christina L.              040309-0643
102 - Hi Maria,
The ring just arrived, and looks amazing.  Thank you for all your help!
Matt H.       241208-1707
101 - Hello,
I received the ring yesterday and it is perfect! Thank you for all your  help and patience.

Kathryn W.       8263    100209-1705
100 - Dear Maria,

I wanted to let you know that the rings arrived today and they are absolutely beautiful, even more beautiful than we expected and hoped.
Once again - thank you very much. We are very happy with the bands.

Anna M.    100309-2106
99 - Maria,

I apologize for not writing back sooner but it has been so busy over the past month. I just picked up the ring today, originally I was supposed to pick up the ring over the Christmas holidays but I was unable to make it due to the really bad snow storms. I just wanted to let you know how beautiful the ring is, it is even better than I had imagined. Everything about it is perfect, it is exactly what I wanted, and even more. Words can't express how happy I am with the ring, it is amazing!  I have not proposed to Sara yet but I will sometime in
February since it is both her birthday and our anniversary. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again so much for all your help. All the best to you.

Michal H.            110109-1538 
98 - I received the ring! Thank you so much for the ring it's beautiful. We finally got it today and I surprised my husband. He loves it. We are definitely planning on getting some matching more expensive ones in the future! Thanks

Mallory            050109-2358           110309-1428
97 - I received the ring, it is beautiful.
thank you!

Gretchen D.           060109-1049  
96 - Hello, we received our rings a few weeks ago and they are lovely!  Everything I had hoped for- I’m so excited to have such beautiful, original, and unique wedding bands. 

Thank you for always keeping me up to date

Hayley M.           070109-1019
95 - Maria,

  The rings arrived this morning. They are indeed beautiful, thank you very
much for making a dream come true. I have already gotten several compliments
showing them to friends at the office about how amazing and unique they
look. I know she will also adore the unique look. Thanks again!


Tallis K.                121908626
94 - I just received your shipment from FED-EX.  Thank you for your diligence in this entire process.
The ring is as beautiful as it is unique.  I will certainly highly recommend Maria Del Costa design and ATD to others looking for inspired, and unique jewelery design.
Once again,
Thank you,

Jason N.             8046 110708-142 
93 -  Absolute Titanium Designs,
I have received my husbands wedding ring and we both love it.  The craftsmanship is incredible!  Thank you very much and best wishes,

Quail H.            7815 102208-1026
92 - I have received the ring and I have to say that it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, well besides my wife now! thank you so much! I was a little worried about not getting it on time but the wait was well worth it! I only regret not finding your site sooner so that I may have purchased my wife’s wedding ring set!. Everyone keeps asking to see my ring! Thanks again! I will definitely come back to you guys!!

Marco B.               8079 102108-1110
91 -  I just received the ring, and it is absolutely amazing- something I am proud to have my intended to wear for the rest of her life.
I would be glad to write a positive review of your product and service under a pseudonym for posting if you wish.
Best regards, and thank you for your work,

Benjamin S.          8047 101708 -1034
90 -  Confirming receipt.
It's beautiful.
Thank you again!
DR. Michael  P.           7865 101408 -259
89 -  I received the third ring this morning and am pleased to say that this is what I was asking for.  The lap job was very well executed and the ring fits nicely.   I will be keeping this ring and sending back the second ring to you, this week.  Happily, I now consider this matter resolved.  Thank you for respecting my wishes.

Marc L.       7656 101108-1247
88 -  I just received the ring and it is gorgeous!
Thank you again and again.

Karen H.                     8010 10308-1007
87 - i just received my ring and it is absolutely beautiful!!!!! It's
perfect! It's exactly  what I wanted and it
fits perfectly. Thank you so much!!!! I couldn't be happier. This made
my day!

Stacy S.         i 8013 93008-1047 
86 -   Maria,  
    I apologize for the late notice, but I've been a bit out of touch.  My mom told me that she has received the ring and is forwarding it to me. Thank you for being so proactive in finding a solution to this problem.  I look forward to seeing the ring.

Kelsey  B.          7679 8908-917
85 -   Received the ring.  Fits perfectly..
Thank you

Wade B.                  7838-2 10708-106
84 - Thank you very much.  The rings arrived approx 10AM but we were doing so much we didn't have time to email you let you know.  We have received many compliments on the rings.
 Thank you very much.

Rita M.            l 7910 8908 158  
83 - The ringd are great...Feel free to put people in contact with me if you'd like!

Again much thanks,

82 - Just got the ring today...kept missing Fed Ex, and its perfect.  Thank you very much.

Good Luck,


81 - Many Thanks,

80 - Received them! They are beautiful!!!!!!!!

Thanks for making the delivery date!
T.S. and D.
79 - We have received the rings as ordered. Thank you for your prompt attention on this. As I haven't seen them myself yet, I'm told they're great from the fiancée.
Ken C.              7454     5208- 255 
78 - Thank you! we've received our bands today - they fit great and are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
Dominika  K.          7532   5708- 1244 
77 - I just received the ring and it is gorgeous!
Thank you again and again.

Karen H.          8010 10308- 1007
75 - I received my ring today.  Thank you.  It is great!  

Thomas M.     8036 10608-  709
74 - Hello!

We received the ring and R. is very happy with it.  THANK YOU.

E. P.                7823 71408- 335
73 - We received the ring today -- it is indeed beautiful. Thank you for expediting it at no charge.
I never intended to turn into the person I was on the phone -- but please for your future customers you should describe in as much detail as possible how long it truly takes to make these kinds of rings.
Sincerely, Nirva P.         7995 10308-1059
72 - Just wanted to let you guys know that my ring was delivered and received, and everything went perfectly.  Thanks so much again for all your help!

Jon H.    8030 10408-1036 
71 - I received the ring, it fits, and is absolutely beautiful!  Thank you for your outstanding work!

Elizabeth W.   7904 10608 -330
70 - received, beautiful, thank you.

Stuart K.  7911  9608-816
69 - We just received the rings from FEDEX.  Thank you very much - they look beautiful!!

Rick B 7990 10608-330
68 - Received the ring.  Fits perfectly. Thank you.


67 - Just got the ring today...kept missing Fed Ex, and its perfect.  Thank you very much.

Good Luck,

Elizabeth G.   7379  32008-334

66 - Maria, 
    I apologize for the late notice, but I've been a bit out of touch.  My mom told me that she has received the ring and is forwarding it to me. Thank you for being so proactive in finding a solution to this problem.  I look forward to seeing the ring.
64 - we got it and it is wonderful!!  thank you!

Brian H.          7309-2    31108-1011
63 - Matt & I received our rings today and really like them.
Thank you!
Patricia H.     7268   31908- 621
62 - Maria, The rings arrived safely and they look great, thank you again for you time.

Christina F.           6526-2   32108 -812
61 - Thank you very much.  The rings arrived approx 10AM. We have received many compliments on the rings.  Thank you very much.

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