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Kaleido Ti™
A New Revolutionary Appearance In Titanium Jewelry

Our Kaleido Finish

Available exclusively at Absolute Titanium Design.

Absolute Titanium Design is proud to announce a revolutionary breakthrough in the processing of jewelry Titanium: a kaleidoscope-like effect, almost monochromatic, of various degrees of spark, shimmer and shine, in the jewelry item's appearance.

The surface appears to consist of tiny, randomly shaped geometrical patterns, polygon or curve edged. Each such pattern displays a different light reflecting effect, from shinier to more subdued, from silver tone to various grays and an occasional spark of color.

The Kaleido Titanium™ appearance is the result of lengthy research and development process by our associates in the project. And, indeed, just like the word Kaleidoscope is derived from the Greek Kalos-beautiful and eidos-meaning form, so is the appearance to the eye of this new, revolutionary finish, a multiplicity of beautiful, shining tiny forms. No foreign element is applied in the process, so that the hypo-allergenic properties of Titanium remain intact, and it is available in all grades.
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Available exclusively at Absolute Titanium Design

How to go Kaleido™?

There is nothing simpler...

Our Kaleido™ finish is available in most rings and styles other than within our Black Zone collection.

You may order the Kaleido™ finish simply by selecting the "Kaleido" option in the Finish/Rendition drop down menu in the order form generated by proceeding to order any ring. It will look like that (and add a $195 charge to the ring's price):
Kaleido™ Finish