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Black Titanium Rings

Titanium Rings

Black Zirconium Rings

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Inuit Diamonds ® : Our diamonds line in our Titanium, Black or Conventional, and in Black Zirconium Metal.

What is “Inuit”, what are Inuit Diamonds ® and why this name?

In the very language called Inuit, the word refers to “the people”. Referring primarily to the aboriginals, or first nation Arctic inhabitants, mainly in Canada.

Known for their patience and meticulous craftsmanship in minute detail work, from hunting to preparing their traditional life necessities and recently also arts and crafts, sculpting and beyond, we find this word to represent best the patient and minute detail invested in creating the diamonds used by us, the jewelry pieces embodying them and in combining those two together. Moreover, we have opted, most appropriately, to adopt ithe label of Inuit Diamonds as our diamonds and diamond set jewelry line name. While many of the diamonds are indeed of Canadian origin (especially our Igloo Diamond sourced ones), not all are (but all comply with the Kimberly Process).

Why set precious and semi-precious stones in Titanium wedding bands & Engagement rings? Why opt for our Inuit Diamonds ® line? Most likely you have a reason of your own... After all – you are here.

Gemsetting and Titanium rings (ordinary Titanium or black Titanium)... Gemstones and black Zirconium rings -- the ultimate marriage of old and new. Past present and future. Yourself. Your chosen spouse to be. Before and after your wedding--as reflected in a ring. In the choice of your wedding band or jewelry-ring materials... Your Titanium diamond solitaire says it all. Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies the hardest gemstones with the toughest metals: Titanium, Zirconium...

Sporting unique light weight, Titanium's hypoallergenic properties, Titanium bridal jewelry offers breaking away from the conventional ... More so when in black, our black Titanium line, or in its 'cousin' metal-the black Zirconium metal, which displays similar properties... Utilizing precious stones in your Titanium rings and Zirconium metal bands bring forward, at the same time the durability: neither will loose its shape over time...

On our part, our studios were amongst the first, world over, to design and offer bridal and other jewellery in Titanium. We did so because we believed that the symbol of the union of two people needed not be expressed in traditional precious metals alone. In the strength & beauty of newly developed industrial metals & alloys. We believed in alternatives to the conventional. We were fascinated by the embodied contradiction of immense strength and surprising lightness... A hypo-allergenic ring that would never loose its 'roundness'! Now, well over a decade later, those beliefs have not lost their luster and prove, fittingly for Titanium's legendary strength-- stronger than ever!

All ring styles are available also in identical precious metals to match, if you or your better (or just 'other'...) half prefer so... Let us know!

All our Titanium wedding rings are designed in our studios & produced wholly in North America. in part, through the use of sophisticated computerized machinery, and, in part, hand crafted by some of the most experienced crafts-persons in the trade with utmost attention to detail.
Black titanium wedding bands, Black Zirconium engagement rings by Absolute Titanium Design
Black Titanium
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Enter "The Black Zone" ATD's new secret metals!

Absolute Titanium Design is one of the world's two only manufacturers of Black Titanium, and the world's<br> only Design House offering an original array of Tension settings in Black Titanium complimented by customized designs services in this metal.
Tension Settings
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Tension Settings

Our registered Trademark of "The Tension is Mounting®" tells it all... The fine art of setting a precious gemstone in a ring under the metal's tension, in fact, pressure, alone. Our black Titanium tension set diamond rings, as well as black Zirconium or aircraft grade Titanium Tension Settings have been for years amongst the most innovative in style and boldness in the field of engagement rings in general and Titanium solitaire rings in particular, all design-driven and astounding in beauty, simplicity and magic-like display of the set diamond or gemstone. No prongs or bezels are used in this unique display of an almost fully exposed diamond, yet it is safer than settings through those conventional techniques, as Tension setting's pressure is immense and safe, all while unlike the former, it employs no part that might bend, get entangled or otherwise cause your diamond to easily drop out. Enter the link below to see our:

Titanium Tension Settings, black Titanium Tension settings, black Zirconium Tension Settings

Custom Designed Ring
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Custom design rings

Being design driven and having all the manufacturing facilities in North America we do welcome Custom design requests. As designers, our team will be happy to and capable of working with you in creating a design especially for you or having your Custom Design ring of your fancy become a reality. Write to us about your desired Custom design Ring
Laboratory Grown Diamonds
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New! Laboratory Created Real Diamonds Now Available!
Value, ethics & beauty combined...

The resulting cut & polished diamond offers the same brilliance, dispersion and scintillation as any other true diamond, which could only be as true a diamond as they themselves actually are. The same fire, liveliness and, simply said--beauty.
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