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The Metal Zirconium

(make no mistake about it: its not the Zirconium gemstone!)
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Available in black* and in natural metallic forms

Black Zirconium Rings

How to order these or other Zirconium Jewelry items?

It is simple...
From any ring style page select "Black Zirconium" in the "Type of Metal" dropdown menu, or, simply go straight to the Black Zone Gateway of our site and proceed to your Black Zirconium ring category (Wedding Bands, Tension Settings etc...)

Black Zirconium Rings
In the pioneering tradition characteristic of our Absolute Design Studios, we are proud to be the world's first jewelry design studios offering on line a line of jewelry designs made of this exotic, unyielding metal, both in its regular pure format, as well as in a mighty tougher grade. Both are also available in the uniquely, processed Onyx-smooth Hematite-black format. Black Zirconium is of extreme hardness and super scratch resistance, has a ceramic-like finish, Onyx-like, and rare Tahitian Pearl black regal beauty, fitting state of the art... well, state of the art...! Pioneered by, and available now from our Studios!
Zirconium Information

A vacuum cast ignot of Zirconium made from sand at the Albany, Oregon Bureau of Mines in the 1950's.

*-Black-Zirconium an Onyx-smooth and Hematite-smoky black format of Zirconium, is reminiscent in its smoky blackness of Tahitian Pearls and obtains this color through elaborate processing of the Zirconium metal. At Moh scale’s ~ 8.2 to ~ 9.2 rating, it is one of the world's foremost scratch resistant metallic substances (steel is rated at approximately 6), second only to diamond (10). Thus, it won't be scratched too easily even by a diamond, the hardest, most famous "scratch-all" material!!! It is, therefore, used in high-tech manufacturing, where excessive friction poses a challenge, and no loss to friction-wear may be tolerated.
Most people associate the word "Zirconium" with the diamond simulant gem "Cubic Zirconium".

Few out of the limited circle of metallurgical and advanced industry experts know that, in fact, "Zirconium" is a unique albeit almost mysterious metal read all about it!

In fact, Cubic Zirconium the gem is an Oxidized Silicate derivative of the metal (just as Titania is an oxidized form of Titanium, yielding this gem derivative ).

"Zirconium" was discovered by Martin Heinrich Klaproth, a German chemist, while analyzing the composition of the mineral jargon (ZrSiO4) in 1789. Zirconium was isolated by Jöns Jacob Berzelius, a Swedish chemist, in 1824 and finally prepared in a pure form in 1914. Obtaining pure zirconium is very difficult.

The metal "Zirconium" is a gray-white shiny metal, resembling Titanium in appearance, still heavier and resembling more precious metals in its weight and feel.
Zirconium Rods

Zirconium is used widely and mostly in nuclear reactors for fuel-rod protection, due to its superb corrosion resistance.

Like most jewelry finishes, the high polished finish is the best for delayed wear and lasting look. Satin and frost finishes tend to capture sharp and hard surfaces that come in contact with them onto their minuscule surface irregularity, allowing a degree of damage that would not occur, in the same impact, in a high polish finish. Do consider this effect prior to ordering.

"Zirconium" is an exotic, advanced metal of highest corrosion resistance, used, therefore, in places where development of corrosion may spell disaster and is absolutely intolerable: Nuclear Reactors (were submerged fuel bars are partially clad with "Zirconium"), chemical plants and... the human body.
Zirconium Hip Joint

Yes, indeed, as a top quality corrosion resistant, "Zirconium" is used in body implants where strength and being subject to much friction are supreme: joint and knee replacement. "Zirconium" is known, therefore, as a perfectly hypo-allergenic metal.

Wear Disclaimer: No material or matter is scratch resistant if the expression is taken to mean that it would not show any scratch no matter the circumstances. In fact, even diamond, the hardest material known, can scratch! Well--at least by another diamond. After all you surface and polish diamonds with diamonds! And diamonds and diamond jewelry, are commonly found in proximity to other jewelry items and rings! When "scratch resistance" is taken to mean "doesn't scratch easily", the expression is properly and fairly used. All our black Zirconium and black Titanium items are scratch resistant in the latter sense. They do not scuff easily and wear well (slowly), but they may be scratched and show scratches, just as diamonds do, and, of course, more readily than diamonds. In some cases they maybe resurfaced and refinished by us, subject to our agreement, for a token charge.

Available, exclusively at Absolute Titanium Design--the world's first ever promoter of Zirconium jewelry.