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About Black Titanium

Absolute Titanium Design's Black Titanium line is an addition to our other exclusive lines and is based on extensive research and development.

In the course of the research a unique and costly Titanium alloy has been engineered to produce the proper and desired look and physical properties.

The result is a proprietary process developed in our facilities. It is not a replication of processes used by others to achieve similar effects. The proprietary process does not involve the application of any foreign material by way of plating, sputtering or spraying, nor by way of physical or chemical application or deposition of an additional coating layer, nor does it involve PVD processing, or by black diamond-like coating or black Ion Deposition, etc. This is the real thing... It is the very transformation of the article's very Titanium metal and it results in a spectacular Hematite-black color display generated by the very transformation of the very metal. See Tension Settings from our "The Tension is Mounting®" series in our Black Titanium.

Black Titanium Ring
The extent to which the Titanium is rendered black may be controlled through the control of several parameters that contribute to the color transformation. The controlled transformation commences from the visible external surface and spreads inwardly. Absolute Titanium's Black Titanium is rendered in a manner that guaranties best balance between durability and expediency for emergency cutting through the article.

How to order these or other Titanium Jewelry items?

It is simple...
From any ring style page select "Black Titanium" in the "Type of Metal" dropdown menu, or, simply go straight to the Black Zone Gateway of our site and proceed to your Black Titanium ring category (Wedding Bands, Tension Settings etc...)

ATD's Black Titanium displays high scuff resistance*, a higher one than regular pure or alloyed Titanium. It is largely chemically inert and therefore hypo-allergenic (particular inquiries about this property in individual cases should be addressed with one's medical specialists).

Like most jewelry finishes, the high polished finish is the best for delayed wear and lasting look. Satin and frost finishes tend to capture sharp and hard surfaces that come in contact with them onto their minuscule surface irregularity, allowing a degree of damage that would not occur, in the same impact, in a high polish finish. Do consider this effect prior to ordering.

Even "black" has pitches and shades.

Surprisingly, and against initial expectations, even black has its own shades and pitches. From jet-black, verging on blue, through various shades of lighter black. It suffices to compare a number of black items found in any household or work place, to become very fast aware of this fact.

ATD's Black-Titanium is an onyx colored and smooth when in high polish, sporting an Hematite-smoky blackness. It is reminiscent in its smoky blackness of Tahitian Pearls. Please note: The look of our "home grown" Black Titanium sports tiny lusterous light reflecting speckles endowing its appearance with this unique, beautiful industrial, if not rugged look. Those may not always show well in our imagery. This color display permeates the jewellery item inwardly, in a measure relative to the particular preparation typical of the article in question.

Design House Advantages

Absolute Design's Black Zone jewellery line is a fashion and a design statement hardly found elsewhere.

Absolute Titanium Design is one of the world's two only manufacturers of Black Titanium, and the world's only Design House offering an original array of Tension settings in Black Titanium complimented by customized designs services in this metal.

More Black Titanium Rings

Wear Disclaimer: No material or matter is scratch resistant if the expression is taken to mean that it would not show any scratch no matter the circumstances. In fact, even diamond, the hardest material known, can scratch! Well--at least by another diamond. After all you surface and polish diamonds with diamonds! And diamonds and diamond jewelry, are commonly found in proximity to other jewelry items and rings! When "scratch resistance" is taken to mean "doesn't scratch easily", the expression is properly and fairly used. All our black Zirconium and black Titanium items are scratch resistant in the latter sense. They do not scuff easily and wear well (slowly), but they may be scratched and show scratches, just as diamonds do, and, of course, more readily than diamonds. In some cases they maybe resurfaced and refinished by us, subject to our agreement, for a token charge.