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Kaleido Ti(TM)  is one of Absolute Titanium own exclusive developments, as veteran Titanium  ring & jewelry manufacturers of over ten years. In a word, Kaleido finished Titanium has at the same time this unique, almost industrial look akin to galvanized steel and tin, covered with tiny, shiny, multi faceted polygonoid  shapes, adding unique elegance beyond mere industrial look (read more>>>)

You may request a Kaleido finish to any of our rings by selecting it in the "Finish/Rendition" drop-down menu of the ring's order section.

Accessories:In our Accessories pages you will find a host of  miscellaneous Titanium fashion articles and accessories, from money clips and Tie pins to chains, pendants, earrings and even cigar tubes... Unlike other Titanium vendors, most of our accessories are hand crafted and are not mass, cheap labour importations...

 In addition, to complement our Black Zone and in response to your requests, we offer now also jewelry & accessories in legendary and time-old Hemetite & Onyx in new styles, accessible all from our Accessories page.

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