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  • Titanium powder is the main element used in the creation of a very special fireworks display called the "Titanium Salute"
  • In another type of salute--titanium engagement rings, titanium diamond rings & titanium wedding bands are increasingly the choice of more and more new & discriminating jewelry consumers.
  • Both Titanium and the Titanic were named after the mighty mythological giants-- the Titans...
  • Each of our Titanium jewelry items is crafted individually from a Ti billet
  • Did you know that... titanium bands do not tarnish from sweating (So you may...)
  • Titanium may be washed with soap water (but it may also mean doing dishes - no excuses...)
  • Titanium is used in the strongest eyeglasses & fashion sunglasses Ti-Oxide is used in sunblocks, toothpaste and...Aspirin...!
  • Titanium did not exist in Biblical times (?!) ...Alas, Titanium simply does not occur in a pure ore state but has, rather, to be extracted from its oxide form under strictly controlled lab. or industry conditions--those are possible nowadays but were not in yesteryears.
  • Titanium is the toughest and most durable metal for... horseshoes.
A wealth of Titanium information: Technical, historical and scientific:

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Titanium-clad new Guggenheim museum, Bilbao, Spain...
Titanium-clad new Guggenheim museum, more...
Titanium-clad new Guggenheim museum, a tour
Titanium-ribbon 'fastened' new Guggenheim-NY plans!
Titanex: read all about Tianium and its medical uses...
Mighty & Aesthetic... about Titanium and architecture
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