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Absolute Titanium Design® (ATD for short...) has been a leading mark of innovation and quality in designing and crafting jewelry designs in Titanium and other metals since 1997. As such, we belong with the first wave of Titanium jewelry enthusiasts that have spearheaded what is by now a global trend, a group which had comprised, at the time, of only 4 or 5 shops (!) worldwide.

This seniority in the field is an important asset of which we are proud.

In the course of those years we have introduced several innovations in styles, alloys used, renditions of various metals, and very metals used, some still exclusive and proprietary to and by us and some involving techniques shared by very few world-wide.

This long experience has enabled us to develop designs, styles and reliable techniques that may be acquired only through time, experience and, of course talent, such as those cumulated and shared by our respective design, production and sales teams.

While many Titanium jewelry manufacturers had evolved from mechanics, who were repeatedly addressed by friends and relatives with requests to machine for them rings in iron, stainless steel or Titanium, and who, then, developed this side-line into a lucrative main production line, ATD's roots, on the other hand, were in the worlds of design and diamonds. It was exactly this unique capacity of the metal Titanium to offer mighty and safe
Tension Settings for diamonds, in an unconventional metal and look that were the primary driving force behind the studios focus on Titanium.

Combined with their execution, by using state of the art equipment, and the dedicated, highly trained and skilled teams of metal technologists and jewelers, those designs, and the name "Absolute Titanium Design" have grown to be synonymous with innovative style, and with a standard-setting House in the field of avant-garde jewelry creation, in particular diamond jewelry and tension setting designs, catering to most discriminating and demanding clients world wide.

Our innovative team has applied unique processes in the creation of Titanium jewelry:

Thus, Kaleido Ti, a Titanium product offered exclusively by us. It displays a stunning visual effect neither seen in, nor offered by any other Titanium jewelry makers.

We offer most of our Titanium accessories also in dark gun metal gray, charcoal and black Titanium, yet another example, based, again, on our in-house research.

The introduction of jewelry in the metal Zirconium, in particular in its blackened format, a world first, by our studios, with its unmatched dark, smoky-black look, Tahitian pearl-like, provides yet another example of Absolute Design Studios original and innovative course and pioneering approach in advanced metal, avant-garde jewelry design.

Prior to their love affair with titanium, Maria da Costa and Gaddi Zak, the incepting forces behind Absolute Design Studios, were deeply involved in the world of design and diamonds. Maria, in addition to her design training, also passed the qualification test for Diamond Grading diploma by the renowned HRD Belgian diamond institute of Antwerp. Gaddi, with his diamond grading training (IGI Antwerp) also got carried away in the world of design. It was not until our love affair with titanium and other unconventional metals and metal alloys, however, that they could fully combine their complimentary training, passions and forge them into reality.

Maria is an associate member of the SDIQ --a Quebec based designers association, and specializes in virtual and computerized design, known as CAD CAM. A designer with a following, Maria da Costa has seen her rings cherished by the same clients, in repeat important events in their lives, from engagement, to weddings and subsequent anniversaries. Gaddi leads the research team that may be credited with the introduction of Kaleido Ti™ and Blackened Zirconium and Titanium. TM and Blackened Zirconium.

Treat yourself and your beloved one to a unique, elegant and only too often breath taking (as clients of ours wrote to us...) jewelry experience, created by a leading design house in advanced metals and diamond jewelry. Let their adorning artwork accompany you throughout your life-cycle events...

Absolute Titanium Design is a member in good standing of the local Better Business Bureau.

  • A. D. Van-Daaz was one of the first ever on-line diamond dealerships, among the first four "back" in 1995 (of which two later ceased to exist). It was the creation of Gaddi, in collaboration with a veteran diamond dealer of close to 20 years (Steven).
  • The company, going strong, is affiliated with several consumer protection agencies offering top quality diamonds, all GIA, AGS, or EGL (your choice) certified, of natural, untreated and of no artificially enhanced properties. The company specializes in American Ideal Cut proportions.
  • Absolute Titanium Design is also a Better Business Bureau listed and works seamlessly with Van-Daaz on sourcing suitable diamonds at among the best on-line diamond prices anywhere, with access to over 12,000 stones at any given time!
  • Absolute Titanium Designs sales are carried out worldwide and mainly in the USA. Our products are available also in most (but not all) of Canada. No Customs or Duties apply in the USA, and all business cycles in the US are carried out through US Financial Institutions in US Dollars.


Absolute Titanium Designs Unlimited
E-Commerce Platform and Wholesale Showroom for foreign buyers only:
6A de Lourdes, Pointe-Claire, QC, H9S 4R2, Canada
By appointment only
Please call: (514) 671-0461 for an appointment
1-800-777-0889 ext. 7464 (R-I-N-G) for support
1-800-777-0889 ext. 4367 (G-E-M-S) for diamond inquiries
(This line is not for orders. Those require many details.
Please order via our on-line order form.)

US Office:
Absolute Dash Exclusive Products Group Inc.
3511 Silverside Rd. Suite 105,
Wilmington, Delaware, 19810 USA

Fulfillment House:
Van-Daaz Enterprises
178 West Service Rd.
Champlain, NY, 12919, USA


  • All rings are custom-made and hand crafted.
  • Absolute Titanium Design is a Design oriented and based House, and carries the exclusive Maria da Costa Signature Line of original designs.
  • Available Titanium grades are: Unalloyed Commercial (I-V) sporting the upwards of 40,000 psi in tensile strength; Aircraft Alloy (Ti 6/4) with the upwards of 150,000 psi in tensile strength; or Heavy Duty Aerospace Alloy (Ti 6/6/2) grade with the upwards of 180,000psi in tensile pressure and Black Titanium of approximately 100,000 psi in tensile strength. We offer our jewellery also in black Zirconium and Tnesion set diamonds in a mighty grade of Zirconium. For further information on Ti grades go to "Titanium" on our menu.
  • Notice: Despite claims to the contrary by some manufacturers, presumably of limited access to the harder to find Ti-6/4 and Ti-6/6/2, those grades are undeniably, and metallurgically proven to be of substantially higher tensile strength and resistance, require longer machining, finishing and polishing, exert faster wear on tools and work accessories & materials, and are most definitely costlier. We will NOT, however, manufacture our tension settings in any weaker grade.
  • Tension settings are manufactured, exclusively, from the two latter mightier grades for best available gem protection
  • All grades are hypoallergenic.
  • All rings bear their grade identification engraved.
  • Inlays are available in your choice of yellow, pink, white or Portuguese gold, in your choice of Karat, and in Platinum.
  • Most styles are available in either high-polish, frost, satin or brushed finish
  • Lifetime guaranty and free re-polishing service (S&H not covered by re-polishing service)
  • "The Tension is Mounting"™--Absolute Titanium's line of tension-set diamond rings
  • Absolute Titanium Design offers you these unique jewelry designs of breathtaking beauty and simplicity, each a jewelry marvel in itself, and each marked with its Titanium grade. Every ring is individually and meticulously crafted using the most advanced technologies, machinery and careful quality control. Each represents a feat of engineering, an accomplishment in design, and a victory for advanced metallurgy as applied in jewelry. Only aircraft and aerospace and black Titanium grades, of over ~100,000 PSI in tensile strength and the most suitable "modulus of elasticity" (a term in metallurgy which indicates resistance to bending) are used by Absolute Titanium in these settings. Our tension settings are hand finished, and each diamond is set-to-order by hand and carefully tested. Their release from the workshop and shipping always pend, first, on the sourcing and the completion of the diamond purchase, as well as, evidently, the actual setting job. Some ring designs are design-patent pending (US) and Design mark pending (Canada)--please inquire.
  • Legal notice: Many of our styles are original designs by Maria da Costa that are protected by Trade Dress, Copyright and other pertinent, rights. All rights are reserved. Unauthorized reproduction, copying, transmittal, manufacturing, promotion, sale, or any form of commercial use of any of our proprietary and protected material constitute a violations of the laws governing intellectual properties and their protection and are strictly forbidden.
  • Absolute Titanium Design carries Exclusive Meteorite -origin, extra-planetary Peridot gem settings.
  • Customized designs will be studied by our engaged craftsperson's.
  • Expedient order execution and highest quality-controls, highly personalized service and more...


We ship our Titanium rings and bands worldwide, free of charge, or for nominal fee when expediency is required.


Our Titanium warranties cannot be matched by any warranties extended by other 'precious-metals-jewelers' for their jewelry items... it is as unbeatable as the subject matter... How becoming: Diamonds & Titanium, the two forever-s! For detailed information regarding our warrantees, please visit our warrantees page.


All shipments pend payment clearance. You may pay by credit card: VISA, MASTER CARD, AMEX (excluding rings set with precious stones), wire-transfer, certified and cashier checks or credit-card-company-checks and personal checks. NOTE: Prices are in US$


This is a statement regarding the the confidentiality of any information submitted to Absolute Titanium Design when you order our products or make any requests.

The information collected
Absolute Titanium Design is committed to the principle of maintaining any personal information which is submitted or communicated to us, including your name, address, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers, and all credit information strictly confidential.

The information you provide is used only to complete, ship, and confirm the delivery of your order.

We do not allow access to your information by any third party, do not transmit, lend, lease, sell, or otherwise avail that information to any such third party, nor does Absolute Titanium Design use such information to initiate unsolicited telephone calls or to mail printed material that is unasked for.


If you select a credit card mode of payment from our order form, you are led to our high security zone (SSL) Secure Server Gate.


If you have any question or concerns about any of our products or policies, please telephone us at (514) 671-0461 or 1-800-777-0889 ext. 7464 (R-I-N-G), or you may e-mail us at design@absolutetitanium.com


Interested Retailers
Retailers interested in carrying the
Absolute Titanium Design™ and Maria da Costa™ Collections, please contact us directly by telephone at 514-671-0461 or toll free 1-800-777-0889 ext. 7464 (R-I-N-G) or you may send us an e-mail (please put Retailer in the subject line). Please include in your e-mail your Company name, the name of the person we should contact, and a telephone number, and one of our representatives will contact you.

Absolute Titanium Design is a Better Business Bureau listed enterprise.

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