Absolute Design Studio's 18K Black Gold line is an addition to our other exclusive lines and is based on studying and elaborating on rarely used goldsmithing methods yet extensively researched* methods and metallurgical properties. See rings manufactured in it.

A unique and costly 18K gold variant has been identified that produces the proper and desired look and physical properties.

The result is a unique gold karat production elaborated in our facilities. The unique process does not involve the application of any foreign material by way of plating, sputtering or spraying, nor by way of physical or chemical application of an additional coating layer, nor by black diamond-like coating or Ion deposition etc. This is the real thing... A true 18K Black Gold! It is the very transformation of the jewelry item's very gold metal and it results in a spectacular Hematite-black color display generated by the very transformation of the very metal. See bands made in 18K Black Gold display.

The extent to which the gold is rendered black may be controlled through the measured application of several parameters that contribute to the color transformation. The controlled transformation commences from the visible external surface and spreads inwardly. Absolute Design Studio's Black Gold is rendered in a manner that guaranties best balance between durability and the guarantied, unadulterated 18k nature of the bulk of the jewelry item volume.

Standard karat testing of the article's surface may not indicate the presence of karat gold and as an 18K specimen, as the black gold transformation defies the standard, instant karat kits and tests. However, any testing of the article's constitution and bulk material would be shown to be 18 Karat gold purity, and , sandard compliance. Accordingly, based on this karat guaranty, each item is stamped with the standard 18K stamp, fully warranted, behind which we fully stand.

ADS's Black gold displays surprising scuff resistance, a higher one than regular 18 Karat gold.

Like most jewelry finishes, the high polished finish is the best for delayed wear and lasting look. Satin and frost finishes tend to capture sharp and hard surfaces that come in contact with them onto their minuscuse surface irregularity, allowing a degree of damage that would not occur, in the same impact, in a high polish finish. Do consider this effect prior to ordering. Visit the wedding ring collection in Black Gold.

Even "black" has pitches and shades

Surprisingly, and against initial expectations, even black has its own shades and pitches. From jet-black, verging on blue, through various shades of lighter black. It suffices to compare a number of black items found in any household or work place, to become very fast aware of this fact.

ADS's Black-Gold is of onyx color and smoothness when in high polish, sporting a Hematite-smoky blackness. It is reminiscent in its smoky charcoal blackness of Tahitian Pearls. This color display permeates the jewellery item inwardly, in a measure relative to the particular preparation typical of the article in question.

Design House Advantages

Absolute Design's Black Zone jewellery line is a fashion and design statement hardly found elsewhere. View, e.g., these designs.

Absolute Design Studios is one of the world's only manufactures of Black Gold Jewelry, and the world's only Design House offering an original array of Black Gold jewelry articles complimented by customized design services in this metal.

*The initial research was carried out by South Africa's national mineral research organizations specializing in mineral processing, extractive metallurgy and related areas. It works closely with industry and other R&D institutions.
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