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Absolute Design Studio's 18K Black Gold line is an addition to our other exclusive lines and is based on studying and elaborating on rarely used goldsmithing methods yet extensively researched* methods and metallurgical properties. See rings manufactured in it.

Black Hematite

Known already as an attractive material for jewellery in ancient times, this gemstone's name, Hematite, is derived from the Greek word standing for "blood" due to the red overtones of it when ground into powder. Hematite jewellery was highly sought and popular in Europe during the Victorian era, and regained popularity in when rediscovered in jewellery pieces curved by native American. Known best as curved and sculptured pieces, it sports a unique, unmatched dark metallic color, a shade of smoky-silvery black, with this unique, Tahitian-pearl-like luster, and an unmistaken shiny charcoal charm.

About our Black Zone Jewellery

Glamour, mystery, seduction, power, elegance, assertiveness... Black as a fashion statement.

We at Absolute Design Studios® have embarked on creating jewellery in black, for men and women, as a separate zone reflecting all that this color, or absence thereof stand for.

We have introduced black Zirconium metal to the North American market and proceeded to develop our own proprietary black Titanium articles at great expense, quickly followed by a unique black Gold line all with complementary black diamond settings option, black stone-jewellery in Onyx and Hematite were next and more is still to come.

Let us invite you to embark on a black Odyssey, creating your black Titanium ring, black Zirconium metal ring or black gold ring... Flatter her with our black Hematite rings and necklaces, have her wear a black Onyx ring that tells the world about her night-like nature: mysterious, proud and elegant.

Join us in celebrating our lines of black Titanium jewelry, black Zirconium metal jewelry, Hematite and Onyx jewelry. Browse through our black Zone offerings now.
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