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Why set precious metals in Titanium wedding bands & Engagement rings?

... Most likely you have a reason of your own... After all--you are here...

Precious metals and Titanium rings (ordinary Titanium or black Titanium)... precious metals and black Zirconium rings -- the marriage of old and new, the marriage of contradictions... Of past present and future. Yourself. Your chosen spouse to be. Before and after your wedding--as reflected in a ring. In the choice of your wedding band or jewelry-ring materials...

Sporting unique light weight, Titanium's hypoallergenic properties, Titanium bridal jewelry offers breaking away from the conventional ... More so when in black, our black Titanium line, or in its 'cousin' metal-the black Zirconium metal, which displays similar properties... Utilizing precious stones in your Titanium rings and Zirconium metal bands bring forward, at the same time the durability: neither will loose its shape over time...

On our part, our studios were amongst the first, world over, to design and offer bridal and other jewellery in Titanium. We did so because we believed that the symbol of the union of two people needed not be expressed in traditional precious metals alone. In the strength & beauty of newly developed industrial metals & alloys. We believed in alternatives to the conventional. We were fascinated by the embodied contradiction of immense strength and surprising lightness... A hypo-allergenic ring that would never loose its 'roundness'! Now, well over a decade later, those beliefs have not lost their luster and prove, fittingly for Titanium's legendary strength-- stronger than ever!

All ring styles are available also in identical precious metals to match, if you or your better (or just 'other'...) half prefer so... Let us know!

All our Titanium wedding rings are designed in our studios & produced wholly in North America. in part, through the use of sophisticated computerized machinery, and, in part, hand crafted by some of the most experienced crafts-persons in the trade with utmost attention to detail.
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