Titania Gemstone

Did you know that the Titanium raw material (TiO2), doubles also as a beautiful gemstone?

After all, what is more befitting than setting your titanium jewelry with a Titanium gemstone?

The Titania gemstone is transparent and usually pale yellow, but can also be bright blue (very rare) or red. We carry it in the colorless type (normally with some yellow tinge) and in deep red (few), subject to availability. It is not possible to produce Titania in a perfectly colorless form.

The Titania gemstone has a hardness of 6, and is not suitable for Tension setting. Its dispersion (AKA "fire") namely, the twinkling of colors when the gem is rocked, is exceptionally high: at a 0.28 dispersion factor it is the highest of any stone used for ornamental purposes and it has very strong luster.

Titania was widely used to imitate diamond in the United States in the 1940's and 1950's but was soon ousted by the appearance of more satisfactory imitations on the market.

Available in the 0.06ct to 1.25ct range (~2.5mm - ~6.5mm), subject to stock-availability and/or custom cutting delays.

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