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Tension Settings

"The Tension is Mounting®!"
A conjurer's act of magic... a mysterious show of unsupported levitation... the technique of true tension-setting fixes a set gemstone as if in mid-air, almost unsupported... Achieved solely by harnessing the strength and metallurgical springiness of the advanced metal, its immense tensile strength (well over 100 psi), unique ductility & elasticity... The gemstone almost entirely exposed, showcased from all directions... Mighty, tested prior to shipment & safer than prong or bezel setting when properly & masterfully affected by our experienced crafts persons: never bending nor having broken or entangled & detached metal parts...

Some of the stronger Titanium alloys ("6/4", "6/6/2") are particularly suitable for this technique. Stronger than steel & hypo-allergenic, their rings are also surprisingly light in weight! In their recommended polished finish they appear almost indistinguishable in color & tone from...Platinum. More ».
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