Absolute Titanium Design - Titanium Wedding Rings and Bands
Now Available In Precious Metals Too !

Inspired by the Spira tension design set with a gem.
A beautiful ring on its own or to compliment the Spira tension setting as a wedding band.

6-8 mm $ 800 USD

width of band will vary depending on the matching band.

Ring also available in all precious metals, Black Zirconium, Kaleido Ti™, Charcoal-gray Titanium, Gun-metal Gray Titanium, Stainless Steel. Please, make you selection from the order form. Please note that ring price depends on the metal grade and will be confirmed via e-mail.


For inquiries, contact us at 1-800-777-0889 Ext.7464 or email us at  design@absolutetitanium.com

Titanium wedding bands and rings - Spira Wedding Ring
Titanium wedding bands and rings - Spira Wedding Ring
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Also available in Stainless Steel. Please select "Top Quality Stainless Steel" in the "metal grade" section of the order form.
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