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The Absolute Titanium Warranty

Many find the idea of having an unsoldered, uncut ring, made as a round whole, appealing, since it represents endless & edge-less commitment. Thus, Titanium and Zirconium rings, due to the metal's special characteristics, are never cut or soldered in the manufacturing process, and therefore are of special and symbolic appeal. However, this unique manufacturing process, implies not only a unique look, and unique concept, but also a unique type of guaranty.

Accordingly it is very simple: All parts and things titanium only , purchased from Absolute Titanium Design are covered by a lifetime repair or replacement guarantee for any defect, breakage, cracking, noticeable bending, deformation or loss of roundness, erosion, corrosion etc., unless the sold item has been subjected to 'cruel and unusual punishment' and circumstances (ring dropped in front of a steamroller or a locomotive?). Renditions, inlays gemstones etc. are excluded from the lifetime guaranty. Renditions and inlays and their craftsmanship are covered for 30 days. Otherwise a repair fee will be applicable and determined on a case by case basis. Items that have no special rendition are also covered by a lifetime free refinishing service (shipping and handling not covered); Notice, however, that satin or matte (aka brushed) finish are more amenable to early wear, develope sheen and scratch, in all renditions, metals and alloys, and are not guarantied against such changes.Please note: Black Zirconium and rendered titanium rings, once engraved, cannot be returned and our restocking fee policy, terms and conditions do not apply to them, due to their surface hardness characteristics. The engraving cannot be removed and the ring may not, therefore, be re-sold. Those require, therefore, additional vigilance in establishing proper size. However, if without engraving all return and fee conditions apply to them equally.

When ordering from Absolute Titanium you are ordering a high quality, unique item that is meticulously hand crafted, the pride of our designer, shop, craftsmen, and of your jewelry collection. Our return and exchange policies reflect those facts, with the maximum allowable accommodation on our part. Thus, since orders are made to measure and in real time, hand-crafted individually per order etc. per your submitted order, our return, refund, exchange and resizing guaranties are as follows:
  • As a rule, our studio is a specialty studio that engages in production-per-order and does not sell items purchased by it in advance in bulk etc. Therefore, we do not allow for a simple return of goods for refund, even with Restocking Fee deduction, due to change of mind, change of heart, mood, regret, disappointment at the look of the actual product or its rendition as compared to the pictorial rendition in our site, rejection by the intended, ultimate recipient etc. Such requests for return and/or refund, for what we term "frivolous reasons", are subject to our approval and to our determination of restocking fees on a case by case basis.
  • Orders that are not cancelled or corrected within 48 hours from e-mail or telephone confirmation, will be cued up for production. Orders cancelled after the initial 48 hour period, but no longer than 3 business days from confirmation, and which are likely, therefore to be in or lined up for production, will entail the application of our restocking fees, if and when approved by us.
  • All items (other than rings) are subject to restocking fees of 15%, subject to approved return, unless they were custom made or contain style or setting modifications requested by the client, customized precious or semi precious stone etc., as they are made to order and/or stocked in very small numbers. As a result, cancelled orders present a loss of opportunity challenge and/or, usually, involve some initial cost of started, customized manufacturing etc. that, as a rule, must all be compensated for. Items other than rings that are custom made, customized or contain style or setting modifications requested by the client, customized precious or semi precious stone etc. will entail Restocking Fees starting at 40% of their purchase price, but no less than $50.00, with all incurred S&H chargeable to the client as well.
  • All products are returnable for free exchange for the same style, or repair, at our discretion, when due to defect in manufacturing or material within seven days.
  • All ordered rings are sized to your exact specifications. This is our unconditional guaranty. Any error on our part will be exchanged or fixed by us at no charge to you, if reported and requested within the initial seven days from purchase. Improper ring size due to submission of unfitting size on the customer's order form, will be handled as an exchange and fall under those terms & conditions. Slight sizing-up of up to almost 1/2 size are, sometimes, possible and will be performed, in such cases for free, even when due to the client's error in submission but subject to payment of all S&H costs incurred.
  • Returns and exchanges due to sizing issues are not covered by the free exchange or repair and replacement guarantee. Returns due to sizing issues have applicable restocking and shipping and handling charges (see below).
  • As a rule, since we individually craft your ring especially per your order from a billet--we cannot offer a straight return for refund as such. In cases involving popular styles and sizes--we will favorably study exchanges, and may consider returns and refunds, all subject to restocking charges similar to those marked below.
  • There is no true "re-sizing" in Titanium bands & rings as they do not lend themselves to cutting and soldering as precious metals do. Accordingly, if your size measurements and/or request were inaccurate--a new ring will have to be crafted for you, with all applicable, entailed delays and restocking fees. For the same reason all other returns for exchanges (e.g., for a different style), are subject to our approval and the popularity of style and size. Returned items, or items wished exchanged for new size units, must be unused and undamaged, returned within 7 days of receipt, in advance coordination with us, following our return-instructions and subject to the following restocking charges (the rate of restocking charge relates to the level of labor intensity associated with your, after all, made-to-order ring):
  • Sizing & Measurement Tolerance disclaimer: Absolute Titanium Design can guaranty fitness of size in 1/2 American size increments, vouch for production within this range of tolerance and agrees to be held liable for deviations exceeding this tolerance range, the jewelry industry's standard. Absolute Titanium Design can aim, also, at approximating 1/4 American size adjustments, but cannot and will not guaranty this range of tolerance which is minuscule in real terms, negligible in practical terms, and rare in the jewelry industry. We will definitely not accept orders using 1/8 of an American size accuracy. In measurements based on ring inner diameter, and other ring measurements such as, ring-width, ring-thickness, various facets of the ring design, its beveling etc., Absolute Titanium Design can vouch and be held liable for tolerance range of within ~2.5% of the requested diameter and/or ~10% - ~15% of the promised and/or expected measurements (e.g., a 4mm wide ring may be finished at 3.6mm etc.). Please read also our messages regarding the various "American Size" standards. Our guaranty and tolerance ranges refer, strictly, to the American Size Standard used by us as explained in our correspondence.

Our Restocking Fee Policy:
  • When ordinary bands are returned for exchange or the need to have them in a different size -- a restocking charge of 25% of the purchase price, but not less than $50.00 ("whichever is higher"), will apply (in diamond rings only the charges for the Titanium parts will be considered), as well as all incurred S&H costs;
  • Bands of intricate designs, namely, with tension settings, rings with one or more platinum inlays, two or more other inlays, two or more set gems, or of irregular, non-round shape, when returned for exchange or for the need to have them in a different size, as prescribed--command restocking charges of 35% of the purchase price, as well as all incurred S&H costs;
  • Returns for exchange, or for the need to have them in a different size, of rings of sizes or designs that are less common or of custom-made designs--are subject to our approval, may not be acceptable at all for refund or exchange, or subject to higher restocking fees starting at 40% of their purchase price, with all incurred S&H chargeable to the client as well.
  • Any exchange will be of an equal or greater value.

Please note: All prices are quoted in US Dollars (USD).
As our production is per order and commences upon receipt of payment, there can be no refund nor any return accepted due to claims of payment(s), or of payment expectation of our quoted amount(s) in another-country's-dollar denomination or in another currency denomination all together.

Notice: As our precious metal line is hand crafted individually to customized specifications and measurements, any refund or return is strictly limited to defects in labor or material in violation of the jewelry trade's standards, and other pertinent limitations, and requires prior authorization. All prices are subject to change in reflection of fluctuations in production and/or material costs, market conditions, etc. and/or unforeseeable circumstances and/or other goodfaith and/or unintentional reasons whatsoever, without notice.

Tip:As much as it is important to attempt to size your ring on a couple of occasions, as our fingers tend to swell and reduce in circumference during the day cycle and from day to day, so it is wise, after the receipt of the ring, to try it on at several times, if the first try feels a bit 'off'. Think also about the possibility of gaining or loosing weight in your immediate future or recent past prior to deciding on a need to re-size.

Our commitment to quality is absolute as indicated by our name. Simple & short. This titanium guaranty cannot be matched by any warranties extended by other 'precious-metal-jewelers' for their jewelry items... it is as unbeatable as the subject matter... How becoming: Diamonds & Titanium -- the two forever-s...

Customized designs disclaimer: Designs that are ordered by means of forwarded images but without some or a full range of all pertinent measurements for all measurable design features, will be manufactured on "best effort" basis, as based on our craftsmen reading and interpretation of the forwarded image. The relative ratios and proportions of its measurable and other design aspects, and/or actual measurements of some or all of the measurable design features, in other words, the ultimate "look" of the design, may differ from the expected, desired, perceived or perceived to have been ordered design due to such design ambiguities, limitations of the forwarded 2D rendition and of its interpretation, and/or due to geometrical, metallurgical and/or mechanical constraints, and Absolute Titanium Design will be held free from liabilities for such perceived and/or real differences and discrepancies.

Precious stone setting disclaimer: The process of setting precious stones is not and cannot be insured and guarantied in itself. This is the standard in the jewelry and setting respective industries. Gemstone crystals, diamonds included, may contain areas of structural weakness and instability due to molecular irregularities that are invisible to the eye and/or even under 10X magnification. As a results a single manipulation by a setter, whether in tension setting or otherwise, even the slightest and lightest of hits with a setter's hammer, may cause damage to a gemstone's crystal, and, therefore, in the rarest of occasions, cause visible damage to the stone, at no fault or lack of professionalism and/or experience on the part of the setter(s). Our studios and all persons in its employment and/or commission and/or its affiliates will not be responsible to any damage to a set gemstone or diamond, whether provided by the client or by us, during and/or due to its setting process, directly or indirectly, upon setting or belatedly, and will be held free of harm and liability in the case of such mishaps. On the other hand those are extremely rare events and we pride ourselves with our excellent track record with respect to damage to precious stones set by us, or, rather, the absence of the same. Some better and more comprehensive home insurance policies do, however, cover accidents relating to jewelry and may also cover damages incurred to gemstones. You may find out more about it through your insurance broker.

Legal Notes: Absolute Titanium Design is not responsible or liable to any extent whatsoever for any losses or damages due to or ensuing any case of loss, theft, and delays in shipping and/or delivery that affect special occasions, social or personal functions, additional costs to the client etc. due to unforeseeable circumstances causing those eventualities or otherwise.

Prices of certain items involving components with spot market price swings beyond our control, such as precious metals or precious stones, are subject to change with proper notification and subject  to buyers approval.

Many of our Tension Setting (and other) Designs are proprietary and protected by Copyrights and Trade Dress and/or other rights. Please inquire prior to replicating or duplicating and or commissioning such replication or deplication. Illegal copying is subject to prosecution.

Our Black Titanium is Patent Pending in several global Jurisdictions.

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