About Absolute Titanium Design

After decades of serving thousands of clients with exquisite designs and impeccably manufactured jewelry in Titanium and in its patented black Titanium, Absolute Titanium Design has decided to lay down its pencils, retire its drawing board, lathing and milling machines, jewelry benches, and equipment, and... rest on its laurels...

Absolute Titanium Design, or ATD, blasted into the Jewelry industry scene as one of the first, 5 small pioneering Titanium ring designers and makers in the late 1990s, thereby launching the popular wave of Titanium jewelry.

With the increased popularity of the material as an attractive alternative to traditional jewelry in precious metals, ATD sought to forge yet farther and establish new frontiers within the Titanium jewelry wave in developing through intensive R&D its own, patented, genuine, not coated, nor plated, black Titanium. ATD was granted 4 USA and 2 Canadian patents for its black Titanium process.

The popularity of the line led to increasing interest in it, and ATD received an offer for its technology that it could not refuse and ended up assigning the patents to European consumer product designers.

If interested in our story and our rich offerings in the past, you may visit various versions of the Absolute Titanium site at the Internet Archives at www.archive.org by searching absolutetitanium and take a look, e.g., at THIS sample.

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