Absolute Design's Laboratory Grown Diamonds

laboratory created diamondsAbsolute's Laboratory Grown Diamonds present a unique opportunity, value and constitute fashion and moral statements too.

To be clear and exact, our Laboratory Grown Diamonds are not diamond imitations, diamond simulants, diamond simulates diamond coated cores of other gems, etc. or, other synthetic or natural gemstone that offer some properties and advantages that are close to those of a real diamond. The likes of Moissanite, Cubic Zirconium, Spinel, Synthetic Rutile etc.

Those are NOT Absolute's laboratory Grown Diamonds.

Ours, is an actual diamond crystal, grown in an artificially created environment that replicates the conditions that created diamonds in nature, millions of years ago, namely, high pressure and temperature applied to Carbon cores and diamond seedlings.laboratory grown diamonds

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The process was applied first in the mid 50s by General Electric, and only in the past 20 or so years materialized into an increasingly economically viable and feasible production with very few facilities, worldwide, offering those unique gems. At the chore of the process lies the application of very high pressure (around 50,000 atmospheres) and very high temperature (around 1,500 degrees centigrade), the likes of those occurring in mother nature when diamonds were originally created, to carbon in the form of graphite, also known as the "High Temperature/High Pressure", or, HTHP method.

Those are real diamonds, having the same optical, physical and, of course, chemical makeup and properties.

It means, an identical hardness of 10 (the hardest matter in nature), and dispersion, refractive factors as well as density etc. all identical to those of naturally created diamonds.

The resulting cut & polished diamond offers the same brilliance, dispersion and scintillation as any other true diamond, which could only be as true a diamond as they themselves actually are. The same fire, liveliness and, simply said--beauty.

Our Laboratory Grown Diamonds come accompanied with a grading report issued by one of a number of leading, national scale, North American, gemological laboratory, the IGI, EGL or GIA, stating clearly that the diamond is indeed an actual diamond, albeit a laboratory grown one, and fully laser inscribed in their girdle to the same effect (those laboratories do not grade any diamond imitation or simulates etc.).

For availability, please call us (1-800-777-0889 Extension RING (7464)) or you may email us at: design@absolutetitanium.com

man-made diamondsOur selection consists of fancy vivid and intense yellow diamonds, beautifully cut and polished. Notice that colored diamonds that include a color modifier such as "Orange Yellow", "Orangy Yellow", "Yellow Orange", "Yellowish Orange" etc., even if attractive, do command somewhat of a lower price than an unmodified fancy vivid or intense color without the mention of another color. Such are an unmodified fancy vivid or intense yellow without the mention of another color, or, an unmodified fancy vivid or intense orange by itself (without the mention of yellow, brown etc.). In colored diamonds, the purer the color--the rarer and hence the higher the value.

Environmental consideration: By buying a Laboratory Grown Diamond from Absolute you know that you need not be concerned about the environmental or social costs of mining this diamond, its "country" or "region of mining", the Kimberley process etc.

A Fashion Statement: The colored diamond beauty, the latest fashions in Cut shapes (Cushion, Asscher etc. in addition to traditional Round) are, together, the hottest fashion statement, and its laboratory grown provenance your loudest statement of uniqueness and of your high moral and social values.Synthetic diamonds

Unbeatable Value: Finally, your value is enhanced by paying a price that is considerably lower than the price of a similar colored diamond made by nature alone. Contact us for details and availabilites.

Absolute's Laboratory Grown Diamonds are acquired on a custom order basis and start at 0.90 of a Carat, with preference given to orders above one carat and in fancy squarish shapes. Allow, on average, 12 to 21 day delay period prior to delivery of Absolute's Laboratory Grown Diamonds when not in our stock.

Please call us (1-800-777-0889 Extension RING (7464)) or writing to: design@absolutetitanium.com.

Please notice that the terms "laboratory grown diamond", "lab grown diamond", "laboratory created diamond", "lab created diamond", "man made diamond", "manmade diamond" and "synthetic diamond" may and are in fact used interchangeably, indicating, all, true diamonds identical in all respects to naturally occurring diamonds.