Polished Finish
Polished finish refers to a shiny finish. The finish that shows the least wear.
Satin (Matte) Finish
Satin finish, AKA "matt", has no high-shine nor bright light reflection due to very fine texture evident mainkly under loop. Relatively low wear resistance.
Frost Finish
Frost finish is a deeper textured than "satin", displaying sparks of shine, and of intermediate wear resistance (lying between the wear resistance of "Polished" and the "Satin" wear resistance)
Standard (Combination) Finish
Standard finish is a combination of different finishes on the same ring.
Kaleido Ti ™ Finish
Absolute Titanium Design is proud to announce a revolutionary breakthrough in the processing of jewelry Titanium: a kaleidoscope-like effect, almost monochromatic, of various degrees of spark, shimmer and shine, in the jewelry item's appearance.
The surface appears to consist of tiny, randomly shaped geometrical patterns, polygon or curve edged. Each such pattern displays a different light reflecting effect, from shinier to more subdued, from silver tone to various grays and an occasional spark of color.